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Whisper 500 Wind Turbine

Whisper 500 Wind Turbine
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$8,982.00 $8,982.00
Product Description
The Whisper 500 delivers serious energy for your remote power needs and can produce enough energy to power an entire home.  Its two-bladed fiberglass-reinforced design performs well in harsh, high wind environments. The Whisper's side-furling angle-governor protects the turbine in high winds by turning the alternator and blades out of the wind, reducing turbine exposure and optimizing output at any wind speed. The Whisper 500's smooth, controlled current production makes it ideal for use with any solar photovoltaic system.  The turbine can be equipped with a brake switch which gradually stops the blades from turning.  A high voltage model is available for transmission over long distances.

The Whisper 500 includes the Whisper charge controller with diversion load to ensure safe, steady current output.  The charge controller's optional LCD display instantly gives you real time performance data.  The charge controller can be connected to an anemometer to compare performance to wind speed data.

Four bearing spindle for a smoother operation and longer life
An upgraded yaw shaft that more efficiently delivers current to your batteries
Bronze bushing and large diameter furling pin for smoother furling action
Powder coated welded steel body
Carbon reinforced fiberglass blades
Produces 538 kWh per month at 12 mph (5.4 m/s) wind speed
Power capacity is 3200 watts at 27 mph (12 m/s) wind speed
7.5 mph (3.4 m/s) start-up wind speed
Withstands 120 mph (55 m/s) maximum wind speed
Operates at 24, 36 & 48 DC Volts. 120 & 230 volt models are available

The unit weighs 155 lb (70 kg), has a 15 ft (4.5 m) rotor diameter and comes with a 5 year warranty
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