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Oxygenics X-Stream Shower Head

Oxygenics X-Stream Shower Head
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$19.95 $19.95 Oxygenics X-Stream Shower Head
Product Description
Stabilizes any water pressure

The X-Stream operates effectively from 3 to 80 psi, automatically adapting to low and variable pressures
Engineered using Dupont Delrin acetal resin
Oxygenics eliminates clogging, increases durability, and resists corrosion and mineral build-up. It is guaranteed never to clog
Uses 1.4 gallons/minute at 3 psi
The X-Stream showerhead can create pressure from virtually nothing, delivering a power-packed shower experience
Comfort control adjustment lever
Your choice of spray dynamics lets you select a wide spray, a narrow spray, or anything in between!

Revolutionary technology

Using a gravity based free flowing drop, the X-Stream delivers a great shower experience, regardless of water pressure
Even at ultra-low pressures, the Oxygenics X-Stream out-performs the competition
Elegant chrome finish
Beautiful chrome styling complements existing shower fixtures
and any bath decor
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Oxygenics is guaranteed for life never to clog
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