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LED Halogen replacement bulb - warm light

LED Halogen replacement bulb - warm light
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$43.70 $43.70 LED Halogen replacement lamp warm light
Product Description

Consumes less than 1/10 th the electricity of its Halogen counterpart.

10x the lifespan of the Halogen that it replaces.
Gives off less heat.
Emits a comparable amount of light to a 35w halogen.
Over $100 in savings over the lifetime of each bulb.
Color/Temp: Incandescent White/ 2700-3500K
Working Environment: -20~40C
Storage Environment: -40~80C
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Voltage: 110VAC +/- 10%
Current: 65Ma +/- 20%
Output power: 3.9w +/-0.3w
Luminous Flux: 160LM +/- 20%

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