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Welcome to CoolerEarth. Our web site is the vision of a team of sustainability experts who have worked in many areas of environmental performance, from building design and urban planning to sustainability and ecological education. We have been inspired by the outstanding resources available to commercial designers that have greatly improved building performance and the wonderful products that enable us to reduce our impact on the environment and to live a healthier life.

The mission of CoolerEarth is to provide the finest offering of these exceptional goods and services to consumers and to increase the collective knowledge on topics related to sustainability as it impacts our daily lives. We seek products and services that can help conserve energy, increase the use of renewable resources, are from environmentally sensitive vendors, teach an earth-friendly lesson, or are made with processes from fair trade or socially conscious manufacturers. These and other products that meet our mission will be added continually.

Thank you for visiting us at CoolerEarth. We hope we are able to provide a great alternative for your holiday purchases, your everyday lifestyle products and major purchase decisions. Our team of experts is available to assist you in your design decisions and to help you determine the return on your investment. We welcome feedback at www.coolerearth.us/feedback.

Come see us again to experience our growing line of products and services.

Robert Cox CEO

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coolerearth products include a range of sustainable products, including energy solutions, energy efficient and innovative consumer products, ethically obtained organic or fair trade acquired products, sustainability educational products and wellness products that enhance consumer general fitness and well-being. We strive to procure products that empower consumers in their desire to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Our company is committed to continually improving our lineup of products and services, and assisting our suppliers and vendors to improve their products and processes. We also strive to improve our internal methods of delivering your products. We partner with companies that have the best record of providing services that reduces our overall carbon and waste footprint.

We understand the challenges in being a leader in sustainability and know that we can always improve. We are open to your suggestions about how we or our suppliers can perform our efforts in a more sustainable or ethical way.

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coolerearth vendors are the most innovative in the sustainability marketplace. We are proud to call some of the most forward-thinking manufacturers in their respective industries our partners. We are always searching for vendors who can assist our consumers in realizing their sustainability goals.

We are currently searching for vendor partners in the following areas:

  • Solar installation
  • Wind installation
  • Green building
  • Project financing
  • Fair Trade gourmet
  • Fair Trade clothing
  • Sustainable furniture

If you are interested in having your products represented by the experts at coolerearth, please contact our vendor relations manager at vendors@coolerearth.us.

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